Personal Website

Personal Portfolio Website


Portfolio-ception time! Yes, this personal website of mine is also something I worked and am working on. 😁 Initially I planned on releasing a more "alive" version with 3D models and backgrounds for more eye candy using three.js from the get go, but unfortunately I haven't progressed far enough on my three.js and Blender learning journey to produce the results I imagined. But stay tuned as I'm definitely planning to get there!

For this website I used Styled Components for the first time and really enjoyed it so far. I actually started with CSS modules but it became quite messy (which was also my fault 😅) early on which made me want to try out Styled Components as I often heard about it. I'm glad I did because just like Tailwind CSS it just feels natural using it with a component-based web app written in React.

  • TypeScript
  • React
  • Next.js
  • styled-components